Start Calling and Texting for Free on Your Smartphone and PC or laptop

Start Calling and Texting  for Free on Your Smartphone and PC or laptop

If you are tired or find it expensive to make calls. Here I have a solution for you. You can now Start Calling and Texting for Free on Your Smartphone and PC or laptop. All you need is a Smartphone, laptop and or pc and install VIBER. This will enable you to call and text anybody on viber app for free.
Viber is among the most popular instant messaging applications around the world. viber  ca run on  Operating systems for: Desktop,  Windows 8,  iOS Android,  Windows Phone , BlackBerry,  Bada  and Nokia.
It is an app that makes it possible for users to send messages and make calls for free. This app works well with Wi-Fi and 3G networks.
Of the many different instant messaging apps around, the most popular one is probably WhatsApp. Even so, it still has a drawback. WhatsApp, until recently, exclusively ran on mobile platforms. This factor is what made it easy for Viber to come into the market and get millions of users. This is because you can use Viber on your phone and PC.
Viber for Your Smartphone
Getting Viber into your smartphone is very easy. The following is a simple guideline that will help you download the Viber app onto your mobile phone:
1. Go to Google Play and download Viber i.e. for Android users. If you use Apple platform, go to the Apple Store.
2. Run it and then click on continue so that the installation process can commence.
3. You will be presented with prompts that require you to give approval for access to your phonebook. Giving this approval will help the Viber app identify the people in your phonebook who also use Viber and put them in your Viber friends list.
4. When prompted, enter your mobile phone number and country of residence or the country you live in.
5. After some seconds, you will receive a text message from Viber that contains a verification code. This verification code helps Viber to know whether the phone number you provided was actually yours.
6. When prompted, enter that verification code and then hit enter.
7. -You will next be provided with an option of synchronizing your Viber account with your Facebook account.
Viber for Your PC or Laptop

If you want to use Viber on your computer, you will first have to download and install it on your smartphone. The reason for this being, Viber is not a standalone PC app. Here is how you install Viber into your PC after installing it on your smartphone:
1. First of all, ensure that the PC you are using has met all minimum system and hardware requirements. It is very important that your PC meets these requirements because they determine whether or not your PC can run Viber app. To know what the requirements are, visit Viber’s official website.
2. Download Viber for PC/Computer.
3. Go to the agreement license and go through the user conditions.
4. Click ‘Run’ and then confirm that you have read and agreed to the rules and regulations for users of Viber (the agreement license).
5. When prompted on whether you have Viber installed on your smartphone, click on ‘Yes’ to agree.
6. Enter your phone number when prompted.
7. Viber is going to send a confirmation code to your smartphone after a few seconds. Enter the confirmation code when prompted.
You have the option of synchronizing your messages whereby all messages in the mobile app will be available on PC. Viber is available for people using Windows, Linux and Mac PC’s.

If you get stuck or don’t know how to get that to work, get in touch with me.
All the best, technology has really made life easier and cheap!!

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