IEBC Requirements for Independent Candidate in Kenya

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IEBC Independent Candidates: Qualifications and Requirements

The Constitution provides for those wishing to vie for elective seats without being affiliated to any political party to run as independent candidates.

In addition to the set qualifications for the respective elective position, this group of aspirants has to meet a particular set of requirements.
For purposes of the August 08, 2017 General election, independent candidates have submit their symbols, letter of intent to vie and seek clearance from the registrar of political parties (that they do not belong to any political party), by 4th May, 2017.
Further, an independent candidate has to submit to the Commission, a soft and a hard copy of a list of a number of supporters, depending on the elective seat. This list will be submitted to the commission on the date set aside for nomination for that election, being between 28th May and 2nd June, 2017.
A nomination paper submitted by an Independent Candidate to the Commission shall; contain the candidate’s name as it appears in the Register of Voters; be signed by the candidate, proposer and seconded who shall be voters registered in the respective electoral area; and the Proposer and Seconder shall not be members of any political party.
An independent candidate is also required to establish and maintain a functioning office in the respective electoral area where the candidate is contesting, which must be available for inspection by the Commission at least 45 days before the elections.
Click here for details on requirements for specific elective positions.

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