Minimum Wage Salary in Kenya for Agricultural Industry

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Minimum  Wage Salary in Kenya for Agricultural Industry

Minimum Wage in Kenya for Agricultural Industry with effect from May 1, 2015

OccupationSkill LevelMinimum Wage per DayMinimum Wage per Month
Unskilled worker228.305,436.90
Stockman, Herdsman, Watchman265.906,278.80
Cooks, House servantsSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker236.306,206.50
Farm foremanSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker414.509,808.10
Farm clerkSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker414.509,808.10
Senior foremanSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker270.006,349.50
Farm foremanSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker276.306,498.30
Tractor driverSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker292.706,891.00
Combined harvester driverSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker322.107,591.50
Lorry driver, Car driverSemi-skilled worker, Skilled worker337.707,966.80

Agricultural Industry (amendment) Order, 30th July 2013, applies to workers in agricultural sector and is based on occupation and skill level.

Notes / Footnote

  1. Minimum wage was increased by 12% during labour celebrations.
  2. The general working hours are 52 per week, but the normal working hours usually consist of 45 hours of work per week, that is Monday to Friday 8 hours each and 5 hours on Saturday under the special Orders for different sectors subsidiary to the Regulations of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act, Cap 229.
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