Kenya Police Salary 2018-2019

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Kenya Police Salary 2015/2016-2017-2018

The following are the remuneration figures from Constable/fresh graduate of the police training college to Senior Assistant Inspector General.
In the new Kenya Police Salary 2015 Scale/structure , a Constable/fresh graduate is entitled to a basic salary of Kshs. 32,880 per month. There had been rumours that the police will get a salary increase. Now, as at September 2015, those are no longer rumors but true facts. The basic salary of a police constable in the new pay structure is higher than that of a university graduate who has been recruited by the Public Service Commission. Within a year, a Constable will earn a total of Kshs. 394,560 as basic salary. A Corporal will earn a total of Kshs. 511,920 as basic salary alone (More than half a million). A sergeant will earn a total of Kshs. 546,480 as basic salary. The Basic salary structure is summarized in the table below.

RankPer MonthTotal Per Year
Senior assistant inspector general274,8903,298,680
Assistant inspector general187,8902,254,680
Commissioner of police130,5901,567,080
Senior superintendent85,8901,030,680
Assistant superintendent70,530846,360
Chief inspector59,220710,640
Inspector of police53,820645,840
Senior sergeant50,220602,640
Constable/ Fresh Graduate32,880394,560


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